Afro-Chic Fusion Buddah Bowl

Buddah Bowls. It's a big vegan trend at the moment and I wanted in. I know it's basically just a bowl of quinoa, avo, chickpeas and kale most of the time, but something about this combo really just shouted for an African twist.

Method: 1. Cook the quinoa according to packet instructions - until light and fluffy. Set aside with the sliced olives and keep warm. 2. Saute the spinach in the olive oil, garlic and lemon juice, adding the cumin when it begins to wilt. Do not over cook and let the spinach go brown. Set aside but keep warm. 3. Heat a pan and fry the garlic with the tomato paste until the paste darkens, then add the curry spice. 4. Once you have a dark curry paste in the pan, add the red kidney beans (drained), the sundried tomatoes and the jalapenos. 5. Construct your bowl by adding a large spoonful of quinoa, spinach, spiced beans and half an avo.