Anchovy, Carmalised Onion and Olive Tart with Parsley Salad

This recipe is perfect for a light lunch with family, friends of even to spoil your partner. I always wanted to use the combination of rosemary, anchovies and olives together in one recipe. The caramelized onions balance the saltiness of the olives and anchovies perfectly which results in the most sensational feast in your mouth with each bite! And to top it off, this is so easy and quick to make.

Method: Blind bake pastry in tart case at 180C for 15 minutes Turn heat down to 160C Fry onion and rosemary in butter When onion is just about soft add sugar and chopped garlic and continue frying till onion caramelizes, remove from heat Mix egg yolks and mascarpone well Now layer onions, then anchovy fillets and pour mascarpone mix over Press olives into filling Bake for 25 minutes or till set